Gynecological diagnosing table (manual) KL-FS.III


Gynecological diagnosing table (manual) KL-FS.III


KL-FS•II electric operating table adopts famous imported brand electric machine for controlling. In order to realize the alterability of the operating table’s different angle , the machine adjusts the turning angle of the all-in-one table.Gynaecology operating table can be controlled by two independent methods, hand or foot. Hand-holding remote controller can display operating status and have self-locking function without trigger by error. FS•II type has memory and restoring function. Therefore, the machine provides relaxed and professional treatment position for gynecological diagnosing , ultrasonic flaw detection, Induced abortion and some general gynecological surgery.



Technical Specifications:



Maximum and minimum height of the platform : (650 mm?950 mm)±50 mm



Backboard up folded:?50°

Leg bracket electrically elevating?350mm

Auxiliary table:(350mmx450mm)±20 mm

Main Voltage:AC220v±10% 50Hz