Obstetric bed (manual) KL-3A


Obstetric bed (manual)  KL-3A


This type product is applicable to scratching womb.pre-partum inspection, childbearing,dystocia operation and caesarean birth etc operation and inspection, but also to chest,perineum and urine etc normal operation.

The whole bed is separated into two parts including main bed and leg .The main leg is divided into backboard and seat board.The fluctuation folding adapts manual type of gear joggling movements.The fluctuatuation folding of bed leg adapts ratchet adjusting .The main bed and leg are connected by fibula.

There are four universal truckles installed on the bed leg.Among of that, two are with brake device to fix bed leg.

KL-3A type is a stainless steel structure.



Technical Specifications:




Back board fold upward:?50°

Back board fold downboard:?15°

Seat board fold upward:?30°

Seat board fold downward:?8°

Leg board fold upward:?30°

Leg board fold downward:?30°