Infant Head Fixing Unit TJ-1


Infant Head Fixing Unit TJ-1


ZYSYGX(Z)Z 2008 No.: 1560008

ISO9001 ISO13485



Brief introduction:

Fixed frame for head of baby is suitable for infant head fix during treatment such as CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure), trachea intubatton, scalp venipuncture and head x-ray photograph etc. The main body of head frame is made of the high transparent organic glass, and you can observe the whole process of baby during usage. Rotate and adjust the ear-fixing plate to move it, paramedic can fix the head of baby according to the size of baby’s head. Adjusting the support of flexible metal conduit on the fixing frame to fix different kinds of tubes.


Standard configure:

This product is mainly composed of main body of head frame, ear-fixing plate, silicon rubber ear-fixing clamp, flexible metal conduit.


Technical specification:

  • Outer measurement: 380mm×250 mm×120mm
  • Max. distance of head: 450mm
  • Adjustment range of ear hoop: 0-150mm



  • Gross Weight?2Kg
  • Net Weight? 1Kg
  • Measurement?415mm×290mm×155mm


Some technical data of this model can be changed properly according to the standard and user’s requirement. If the technical specification of above product changes, please refer to the standard at selling time.