Electric obstetric bed (electric gear) KL-CB.I


Electric obstetric bed (electric gear) KL-CB.I


KL-CB•I obstetric beds are designed for various stages of care for patients .They can be used in labor, delivery and postpartum recovery period .The chair posture can be easily converted to provide adequate comfort for the lying-in women .The lying-in women don’t need to be moved from one bed to another thanks to the beds’ perfect structure. The adjustment of the height and inclining and the angle of the backboard are all driven by the famous imported electric machinery.



Technical Specifications:

Length: 1800mm±50 mm

Width: 780 mm±20 mm

Maximum and minimum height of the platform: (650 mm?950 mm)±50 mm

Backboard up folded:?60°

Forward ):?5°


Footplate bending upward :? 45°

Footplate bending external:?45°

Main Voltage:AC220v±10% 50Hz